1 /rI'zVlt/ noun
1 HAPPENING BECAUSE OF STH (C, U) something that happens or exists because of something that happened before
(+ of): One result of the cold weather has been a sharp increase in our heating bill. | Ken's illness is the result of an accident at work. | as a result (of) (=because of something that has happened): As a result of the pilots' strike, all flights have had to be cancelled. | with the result that: Sara wasn't at school last week, with the result that she missed an important test. | be a direct result (of) (=caused by one thing only): High unemployment is a direct result of the recession. | end/final/net result (=the result at the end of a long process): The net result of all these changes is that people will pay more tax. —see thus
2 SPORTS/ELECTIONS (C) the final number of points, votes etc at the end of a competition, game, or election: The election results were announced at midnight. | the football results
3 SCIENTIFIC TESTS (C) the answers that are produced by a scientific study or test: Results show that men are twice as likely to suffer from stress as women. | We should have the result of your blood test tomorrow.
4 EXAMINATIONS (C) BrE the mark you get in an examination: When do we get our exam results?
5 SUCCESS results (plural) things that happen successfully because of your efforts: get results (=succeed in getting what you want): If the program doesn't get results, it should be dropped.
6 BUSINESS results (plural) a company's results are the accounts that show how successful it has been over a period of time, usually a year
7 get a result BrE informal to win a victory in a sports match: We didn't play well but at least we got a result.
2 verb (I) to happen or exist as a result of something (+ from): problems resulting from past errors result in sth phrasal verb (transitive not in passive) to make something happen; cause: an accident that resulted in the death of two passengers

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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